One of the most asked questions at ADKOS is "Why should I use ADKOS over the Military VPC or your average Self Storage Business?" Below are a few reasons to use ADKOS when you are considering vehicle storage.

Service Provided ADKOS Premier VPC Self Storage
Direct access to person taking care of your vehicle YES NO NO
Access to your vehicle when home on leave YES NO YES
Pick Up and Delivery of your vehicle 24/7/365 YES NO NO
Online Monitoring YES YES NO
Twice a month preventive maintenance available YES NO NO
Minor Repairs YES NO NO
Registration Renewal YES NO NO
Personal Attention YES NO NO
Quick battery charging and replacement YES NO NO
Dealer recall support YES NO NO
Preventive care & maintenance support YES NO NO
Twice a year full vehicle system check YES NO NO
Vehicle sale support YES NO NO
Vehicle detailing options available YES NO NO
Annual state inspection support YES NO NO
Additional services available upon request YES NO NO

The choice is clear. Give ADKOS a call today and learn more about our services!

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