ADKOS POV Storage Locations

alabama Locations

CDR Carville C. Webb (USN Ret)

ADKOS Alabama (AAL) -

Covering Western Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

arizona Locations

Steven Williams

ADKOS Phoenix (PHX) -

Covering Arizona and Southern Nevada

california Locations

Anthony Braithwaite (USMC Ret)

ADKOS Southern California (ACS) -

Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding areas to the North and East

Mark Kille (USN Vet)

ADKOS Northern California (ACN) -

Covering Sacramento, San Francisco, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada

florida Locations

Leslie Hall (USCG Vet)

ADKOS Fort Myers (AFM) -

Covering Fort Myers and Naples Civilian Vehicle Storage

Leslie Hall (USCG Vet)

ADKOS South Florida (ASF) -

Covering State of Florida South of Jacksonville

illinois Locations

Al Oller (AF Vet)

ADKOS Chicago (CHI) -

Covering Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Iowa, and Southern Minnesota

indiana Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Indiana (IND) -

Covering Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Western Ohio

Louisiana Locations

CW4 Ed Moore (US Army Ret)

ADKOS Louisiana (AEX) -

Louisiana, Arkansas, and Western Mississippi

massachusetts Locations

Joanne Wood

ADKOS New England (ANE) -

Covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut

missouri Locations

CWO Tom Parks Marine Gunner (USMC Ret)

ADKOS Kansas City (MCI) -

Covering Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma

north carolina Locations

LTC Toby Prudhomme (US Army Ret)

ADKOS North Carolina (ANC) -

Covering North Carolina

pennsylvania Locations

BM1 Vincent Del Rosso (USN Ret)

ADKOS Philadelphia (PHL) -

Covering New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York

south carolina Locations

LTC Toby Prudhomme (US Army Ret)

ADKOS South Carolina (ASC) -

Covering South Carolina

tennessee Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Nashville (BNA) -

Covering Tennessee and Kentucky

texas Locations

Patrick Quinlan

ADKOS Dallas (DFW) -

Covering Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Southern Oklahoma

Frank Oller (AF Vet)

ADKOS Austin (AUS) -

Covering Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Southern Texas

Mitch Morgan

ADKOS El Paso (ELP) -

Covering Western Texas and New Mexico

virginia Locations

George Coles

ADKOS Virginia (AVA) -

Covering Virginia and Washington D.C.

washington Locations

Matt Simons

ADKOS North West (ANW) -

Covering Western Washington State and Northern Oregon

Please refer to the Joint Travel Regulation Chapter 5 Part A 5372 - Chapter 5 Part A 5392 and the Defense Transportation Regulation Part IV Attachment K-4 for detailed information on using a commercial storage facility. Click Here to view the JTR and Click Here to view the DTR K4.

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