PCS Storage - OCONUS

When moving overseas on PCS orders the service member has two choices for storage.  The service member can take their POV to the closest VPC for storage or they can self procure POV storage.  The benefit of using ADKOS is the fact that we service the POV’s twice a month versus once a month at a VPC.  ADKOS also makes it easier to obtain your POV when you come home on vacation by being available 24/7/365.  The service member would pay for the storage with ADKOS monthly and file a reimbursement claim with the government on a monthly basis.

Deployment Storage

When deploying for greater than 30 days contact ADKOS for your storage needs.  ADKOS will make arrangements to pick up your POV at your convenience.  Usually this is done at the airport, your home, or at your unit before or after you deploy.  ADKOS continues to make the storage process as easy as possible.

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