What is the cost to store my vehicle with ADKOS?

The cost per month varies depending on your storage location and service level selection. Please contact us to get your monthly storage rate. POV Storage is reimbursed by the government when authorized.

Does ADKOS provide storage for service members that are not autorized POV Storage?

If you are not authorized POV Storage ADKOS will still offer storage to any member of the armed forces.

How do I get reimbursed for storing my vehicle with ADKOS?

Follow the instructions on your orders to acquire the correct authorization paperwork. Then, you simply fill out a travel voucher and attach your paid in full receipt, your original lease agreement, and your authorization paperwork. You will then submit this package for reimbursement. Adkos will email you a receipt each month your POV is in storage.

Has anyone ever been denied reimbursement while using ADKOS to store there vehicle?

ADKOS' paperwork is impeccable and we have never had a service member denied reimbursement when POV Storage was authorized.

Where do I find the documentation showing that I am allowed to use ADKOS to store my vehicle and get reimbursed?

You can find it under the Joint Travel Regulations. Click Here to view the official document.

How do I get my insurance reduced by 70-80%?

You will need to notify your insurance provider that you are deploying and that your vehicle is going into commercial storage. We advise that you keep your current coverage in place for two weeks after you have deployed to allow for transportation to our facility.

My base has an outdoor facility where I can park my vehicle. What are the benefits to using ADKOS over them?

Your vehicle will be stored and covered in a secure facility. It will be started twice a month and fuel stabilizer will be added. You can monitor your vehicle online while you are gone. Your vehicle will not be damaged by wind, snow, hail, or the sun. Your tires will not be flat when you get home. You will be able to save on your insurance. You will not have to worry about what your vehicle will look like when you return.

When will ADKOS pick my vehicle up?

We will make arrangements to pick your vehicle up anytime you would like and we can even pick it up after you deploy. This will allow you to have access to your vehicle up until the day you deploy.

Does ADKOS store motorcycles?

Yes, we do. We just do not transport them to our facilities. Motorcycles will need to be delivered and picked up by the service member.

What do I do if my plates expire or I need a car inspection while I am gone?

ADKOS will take your car to get the inspection done. You will need to pay for it though. The registration and the tags will need to be shipped to us and we can place them in your vehicle for you.

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