What is the cost to store my vehicle with ADKOS?

Varies depending on storage location, selected service level, size of the vehicle, military/DOD or civlian storage.  Storage, pick-up and delivery fees are reimbursed at the government rate when authorized.

Does ADKOS provide storage for service members that are not authorized POV Storage?

Of course.  ADKOS supports anyone with vehicle care and storage needs, military/DOD and civilian.

How do I get reimbursed for storing my vehicle with ADKOS?

Follow the instructions on your orders to acquire the correct authorization paperwork. Then, you simply fill out a travel voucher and attach your paid in full receipt, your original lease agreement, and your authorization paperwork. You will then submit this package for reimbursement. Adkos will email you a receipt each month your POV is in storage.

Has anyone ever been denied reimbursement while using ADKOS to store their vehicle?

ADKOS is diligent when working with our customers to ensure proper authorization prior to vehicle storage.  No service member has been denied when properly authorized.

What government instruction covers vehicle storage and transport?

Both the Defense Travel Regulation and the Joint Travel Regulation cover vehicle storage and transport entitlements. Click Here to view the official document.

How do I obtain an insurance deduction for vehicle storage?

Contact your insurance provider and request your "Storage" or "Non-Operational" insurance discount commencing three days after your vehicle is processed into ADKOS care.

What are the benefits of ADKOS over outdoor parking areas?

Ask yourself what it cost to repair or replace damaged paint, tires, battery, broken glass, interior, engine, transmission and more for your vehicle.  With ADKOS, your vehicle will be stored indoor, secure and locked facility.  It will be maintained.  You can monitor the completed maintenance document from any computer.  Your vehicle will be protected from wind, snow, hail, sun, flying debris and criminals.  Your tires are checked and kept inflated.  You will be able to save on your insurance.  You will not have to worry about what your vehicle will look like or if it will start and drive when you return home.

Will ADKOS pick my vehicle up?

Of course.  We will arrange to pick uour vehicle up and we can even pick it up after you depart.  This will allow you to have access to your vehicle up until the day you depart.

Does ADKOS provide care and storage for Motorcycles?

Yes, we do. Motorcycles will need to be delivered and picked up by the service member or transported by truck to the facility.

What if my plates expire or I need a car inspection while I am gone?

In most cases you can renew your tags online.  ADKOS can support if needed for inspections and renewal.

What if my vehicle requires service or has a dealer recall?

ADKOS can support most any service, dealer recall, maintenance or alteration request.

What if my vehicle needs to be transported?

ADKOS has coast to coast vehicle transport support.  We recommend checking with the Defense Travel Regulation (attachment K4 and K3) to identify if you are authorized to transport your vehicle with government reimbursement.

Can ADKOS store my boat and RV?

Contact ADKOS, some of our locations can support RV and boat storage along with the storage of other personal items.

What can I leave in my car when it is in ADKOS care?

You can leave anything that is not illegal, harmful, dangerous, explosive or toxic.  ADKOS vehicle care managers must be able to safely operate your vehicle and clearly see out of all windows and mirrors.  ADKOS recommends that you pack a go bag and leave it in your vehicle.  You would not want to come home on an emergency leave condition and find that your luggage didnt make the trip.

Can I use my vehicle when I return to the US?

Of course.  Its your vehicle and you can remove it at anytime.

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