ADKOS Storage Instructions

1. Check your Orders for the term “POV Storage is Authorized”

2. Reserve your spot with ADKOS. You can do this by emailing us or contacting us at 1-866-768-2929.

3. ADKOS will confirm your reservation and go over your billing options. You will be emailed a billing statement.

4. You will need to contact your Insurance Company and notify them that your POV is going into storage and give them the date to make the insurance change effective. Our experience with current customers is that having your POV in long term storage should reduce your monthly insurance premiums from 70%-80%, contact your insurance company for more details.

5. ADKOS will follow up with you or your pick up contact a few days prior to your pick up to confirm the arrangements.

6. Your POV will be picked up or delivered to our facility. Ensure your POV has a full tank of gas prior to this step.

7. Your POV will arrive at our facility.

8. ADKOS will perform bi-monthly maintenance checks on your POV and upload all of this information to our Online Monitoring System for your review.

9. When you are ready to file for reimbursement contact ADKOS and request and up to date receipt. You will need this to file your reimbursement claim with DFAS.

POV Transportation Pick Up Fees


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