ADKOS Vehicle Storage Locations

alabama Locations

CDR Carville C. Webb
(USN Ret)

ADKOS Alabama (AAL)

Covering Western Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida Panhandle and Louisiana

Arizona Locations

Steven Williams

ADKOS Phoenix (PHX)

Covering Arizona and Southern Nevada

california Locations

Andrew Rojas

ADKOS Southern California (ACS)

Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding areas to the North and East

Abert Viehland

ADKOS Northern California (ACN)

Covering Sacramento, San Francisco, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada

florida Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Fort Myers (AFM)

Service Area - Florida (All Vehicles Transported and Stored @ ADKOS Alabama Warehouse)

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS South Florida (ASF)

Service Area - Florida (All Vehicles Transported and Stored @ ADKOS Alabama Warehouse)

illinois Locations

Al Oller
(AF Vet)

ADKOS Chicago (CHI)

Covering Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

indiana Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Indiana (IND)

Covering Indiana, Southern Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Western Ohio

Louisiana Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Louisiana (AEX)

Service Area - Louisiana, Arkansas, and Western Mississippi (All Vehicles Transported and Stored @ ADKOS Alabama Warehouse)

massachusetts Locations

Anthony Louis

ADKOS New England (ANE)

Covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut

missouri Locations

John Miller & Family

ADKOS Kansas City (MCI)

Covering Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma

north carolina Locations

Tyler McLemore
(US Army Vet)

ADKOS North Carolina (ANC)

Covering North Carolina

pennsylvania Locations

BM1 Vincent Del Rosso
(USN Ret)

ADKOS Philadelphia (PHL)

Covering New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York

south carolina Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS South Carolina (ASC)

Covering South Carolina

tennessee Locations

ADKOS Corporate

ADKOS Nashville (BNA)

Service Area - Tennessee (All Vehicles Transported and Stored @ ADKOS Indiana or Alabama Warehouse)

texas Locations

Patrick Quinlan

ADKOS Dallas (DFW)

Covering Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Southern Oklahoma

Frank Oller
(USAF Vet)

ADKOS Austin (AUS)

Covering Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Southern Texas

Mitch Morgan


Covering Western Texas and New Mexico

virginia Locations

George Coles

ADKOS Virginia (AVA)

Covering Virginia and Washington D.C.

washington Locations

Kreg Kendall

ADKOS North West (ANW)

Covering Western Washington State and Northern Oregon

Please refer to the Joint Travel Regulation Chapter 5 POV Storage and the Defense Transportation Regulation Part IV Attachment K4 for detailed information on using a commercial storage facility. Click Here to view the JTR and Click Here to view the DTR K4.

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